Zynq All Programmable SoC System Architecture

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The Xilinx Zynq® All Programmable System on a Chip (SoC) provides a new level of system design capabilities. This course provides system architects with the knowledge to effectively architect a Zynq All Programmable SoC.

This course presents the features and benefits of the Zynq architecture for making decisions on how to best architect a Zynq All Programmable SoC project. It covers the architecture of the ARM® Cortex™-A9 processor-based processing system (PS) and the connections to the programmable logic (PL) at a sufficiently deep level that a system designer can successfully and effectively utilize the Zynq All Programmable SoC.

The course details the individual components that comprise the PS: I/O peripherals, timers, caching, DMA, interrupt, and memory controllers. Emphasis is placed on effective access and usage of the PS DDR controller from PL user logic, efficient PL-to-PS interfacing, and design techniques, tradeoffs, and advantages of implementing functions in the PS or the PL.


Printed or electronic materials?

Printed materials (slides, notes, and lab instructions) are provided for in person training, and are recommended for VILT training as well. However, you may choose to receive electronic only, or printed and electronic. Engineers who select electronic only should plan to have a device to read the materials on during class (iPad, android device, or another laptop).

Evaluation Kits

Evaluation boards are provided for in person training only. However, an evaluation kit can also be purchased through NPE, Inc., as part of training. Engineers who take training should already have an evaluation kit, or should purchase one through NPE.

Zedboard Evaluation Kit

ZedBoard is a low-cost development board for the Xilinx Zynq®-7000 All Programmable SoC. This board contains everything necessary to create a Linux, Android, Windows® or other OS/RTOS-based design. Additionally, several expansion connectors expose the processing system and programmable logic I/Os for easy user access. Take advantage of the Zynq-7000 AP SoC’s tightly coupled ARM® processing system and 7 series programmable logic to create unique and powerful designs with ZedBoard.

What is included in Zedboard Evaluation Kit?

  • The ZedBoard featuring the XC7Z020T-1CSG324 All Programmable SoC
  • 12V power supply with USA and European adapters
  • 4 GB SD Card •Micro-USB cable
  • USB Adapter: Male Micro-B to Female Standard-A
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Vivado Design Suite: WebPack Edition DVD with device-locked Vivado Logic Analyzer license


ZC702 Evalutation kit

The Zynq®-7000 AP SoC ZC702 Evaluation Kit includes all the basic components of hardware, design tools, IP, and pre-verified reference designs including a targeted design, enabling a complete embedded processing platform. The included pre-verified reference designs and industry-standard FPGA Mezzanine Connectors (FMC) allow scaling and customization with daughter cards.

What's Included in ZC702 evaluation kit

  • ZC702 Evaluation Board featuring the XC7Z020 CLG484 -1 AP SoC
  • AMS 101 Evaluation Board •Full seat Vivado Design Suite: Design Edition
  • Node Locked, Device-locked to the Zynq-7000 XC7Z020 AP SoC
  • Reference Designs, Design Examples, and Demos
  • Board Design Files
  • Documentation
  • Cables & Power Supply
  • "Docs & Designs" tab on this page
  • Contains all software and reference designs, demos, and documents to quickly get started