VHDL and Advanced VHDL, Condensed

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This comprehensive course is a thorough introduction to VHDL and advanced VHDL. The emphasis is on writing solid synthesizable code and enough simulation code to write a viable testbench. Additional self-study labs and materials are provided for advanced testbenches and parameterizable and reusable designs. Structural, register transfer level (RTL), and behavioral coding styles are covered. This class addresses targeting Xilinx devices specifically and FPGA devices in general. The information gained can be applied to any digital design by using a top-down synthesis design approach. This course combines insightful lectures with practical lab exercises to reinforce key concepts. You will also learn best coding practices that will increase your overall VHDL proficiency and prepare you for the Advanced VHDL course.

In this condensed three-day course, you will gain valuable hands-on experience. 

Incoming students with some VHDL knowledge will finish this course empowered with the ability to write efficient hardware designs and perform high-level HDL simulations.

You will be provided printed materials and labs for the full five day course, but the instructor will present only three days’ worth of materials and labs.