Runn... Smart Treadmill Sensor

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No need to purchase an expensive treadmill to connect your treadmill to your fitness app. Runn… connects your treadmill to your favorite fitness app. 

• Easy to install and set up on virtually any treadmill

• Broadcasts speed, incline and cadence to apps like Zwift via Bluetooth and wearable devices like Garmin vis ANT+. 

• USB or Battery powered


For international customers: The customer is required to pay a custom/duty fee upon receiving their package. North Pole Engineering is not required to pay this fee.  


Runn can ship to these countries:  USA, Canada, UK & EU Countries, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, Columbia, Malaysia, South Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan

Certification pending: Indonesia

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16 Reviews

  • Posted by Bill Meaders on 1st Dec 2020


    Great product!

    I installed this on my 20+ year old treadmill and have been using it to run on Zwift. It took me a little while to figure out the installation, but I called NPE and spoke to a tech who helped me get it working. Since then, it has been great! As soon as I select the Zwift app on my Apple TV, it connects instantly and stays connected. The speed and distance readings seem very accurate. If you are running on an older treadmill without bluetooth connectivity, this is a simple, inexpensive solution way to use Zwift.

  • Posted by Brian Pierro on 5th Oct 2020



    Its a great system. Perfect if you have multiple runners wanting to use Zwift. Easy to setup and simple to use. There aren't many options out there so its great they made something like this to fill a hole in market!

  • Posted by Wayne Brissette on 19th May 2020


    Absolutely the way to run with Zwift

    My treadmill is 20+ years old now, and while I had been using the Zwift footpod, I always felt that it was never 100% accurate. I bought this sensor, installed it and after going through the calibration, I can say this is the best money I have spent! For those runs with Zwift, it provides me the same accuracy I have come to expect with my bike trainer. Worth it to ensure your runs on your treadmill are accurate.

  • Posted by Brad on 11th Apr 2020


    Treadmill Sensor

    Absolutely love this product, simple concept but high quality. After years of running on treadmills with fitness trackers and apple watches that don't accurately measure distance this finally solves the issue. Now this product doesn't directly connect to the apple watch workout app, I downloaded ismoothrun which has an apple watch app and the sensor will then connect to the apple watch. Love the product and will be recommending this product to any detail oriented runner out there.

  • Posted by Andrei P on 4th Mar 2020


    Love it!

    Pretty easy setup (took me less than 10 minutes). Accuracy is pretty impressive, both speed and incline have been tracked very well without any sort of calibration. Highly recommend!

  • Posted by Timothy Walsh on 1st Feb 2020


    Finally I can run on Zwift

    After fighting with my Milestone Footpod, it would disconnect if I tried to run faster than 6.5 mph I decided to give the RUNN a try. It shipped and arrived quickly, actually ahead of schedule based upon the tracking information. The installation was quick and easy. I opted to use 3M removable mounting strips because I was thinking at the time I might want to take it with me to the gym and also to the Physical Therapy center and didn't want to break the mount. I sent NPE a question regarding replacement mounts and they now have added them, like they said they would in their response to my query. Here's the link: So, I did my first group run on Zwift using the RUNN. I ran one of the Tour of Zwift 2020 stages, 6 miles with a half mile cooldown following it. The RUNN worked as expected, I did see one dropout as the map refreshed during the run. I suspect it was more a delay in the game due to the number of people doing the events then a problem with the RUNN itself. I had the Milestone Footpod on at the time as well, and when I downloaded the data to the milestone app it reported only 3 miles of running, indicating the footpod was still having problems with faster paces. I varied my pace during the run, matched the inclines as indicated on Zwift as well, and the RUNN didn't miss a beat. I've reviewed the data captured by Zwift on various other programs, Strava, TrainingPeaks, and Garmin Connect and it the RUNN also picked up my cadence during the runs. One of my concerns about the RUNN was how to calibrate the location of the reflective stickers. I decided to just stick a few on, eye ball the distance and see how it worked. I put the first sticker on, moved the belt by hand till the sticker was to the other end of the running surface and added a 2nd sticker. I added 5 stickers, they aren't equal distance and it doesn't seem to matter. I did a calibration on Zwift and called it good. I ran the first time with just one sticker on the belt, no problem with that either. It doesn't seem to need equal distance stickers, so again very easy to setup. At this point I'm happy with and have recommended the RUNN to friends. Some feedback I've had from friends on Zwift about the run to keep in mind: 1) The stickers might not stick as well on some treadmills. I've not experienced this, but am told a white marker can be used to replace the reflective stickers. 2) If your treadmill has a branded belt that goes to both edges you might pick it up instead of the stickers, or in addition to the stickers and this may result in speed fluctuations. I haven't experienced this since my belt is solid black, but I have seen speed fluctuations while using the RUNN in Zwift. I attributed the fluctuation to my heavy foot strikes possibly momentarily slowing down the belt, or the different roads in Zwift affecting the speed calculation, eg going up a hill or down a hill, cobblestone or dirt or gravel. I'm not sure what you can do if the RUNN is picking up branding on your belt, possibly not use the stickers and use the branding itself?

  • Posted by Jamie on 23rd Jan 2020


    Excellent, Easy & Affordable Addition to Treadmill & Zwift

    Really impressed with this simple, easy to install and effective solution to add reliable pace stats to Zwift running. Much more reliable than the Zwift Footpod, and more cost effective than a Stryd footpod (though I do like my Stryd for other reasons). From what I've seen this this the best way to quickly adapt just about any treadmill for Zwift (or other apps).

  • Posted by Barry Warwick on 22nd Jan 2020



    Makes running on Zwift super easy and accurate. Took around 15 minutes and my 15 year old treadmill was converted to a smart treadmill. Zwift recognises the Runn with no issues. Initially the Runn was around 0.2km/h above treadmill speed which is acceptable but after calibration was within 0.1 of treadmill speed. Have completed 3 runs on Zwift with no issues. Cadence seemed to work ok and was within what my Zwift footpod measured. Elevation on Garmin Connect after calibration was ok but need to test this more. Happy with the performance so far.

  • Posted by jason mellet on 17th Jan 2020


    Works great

    Just turn it on and runn... it doesn’t get easier than this!