CABLE (Connect ANT to BLE) is a low power radio product used to receive data from ANT+ enabled sensors and convert the data to the appropriate BLE services via a BLE peripheral connection.  The supported ANT+ profiles are Heart Rate, Bike Speed, Bike Cadence, Bike Speed/Cadence, Bike Power.  Any or all of the ANT+ device profiles are received by the CABLE and relayed to BLE endpoint via the appropriate BLE services.  The supported Bike Power profiles include Power Only, Wheel Torque, Crank Torque, and Crank Torque Frequency.

Your CABLE purchases comes with a limited six month warranty.  NPE will repair or replace any unit found to have a manufacturing defect within the warranty period, provided that notification is given within the warranty period and the product is returned to NPE.  The warranty period is determined from initial product shipment date from NPE.  Mishandling of the CABLE unit is not a manufacturing defect.

 To begin using your CABLE, download CableConfig from the AppStore!

 To read more about CABLE, visit our website http://npe-inc.com/cableinfo

PLEASE NOTE:  CABLE is certified in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and European (CE) countries.  We can only ship product to addresses in these countries!   




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This just works.

Excellent piece of kit, picked up software update straight away. Has also picked up all of my ant+ kit. So can now happily zwift using my iPad. I have had to wait until this could be shipped to Europe, however I have to say North Pole's customer service has been spot on. For anyone wanting to bridge the gap between ant+ and Bluetooth this is well recommended. Thanks

it works! !!!

Excellent product. I have a Star Trac ion blade spinner that shows watts. I wanted to use this trainer with Zwift thru my iPhone so I can project the graphics on my tv using my Apple TV box. Good idea right? Well this is the only product I have found that will work. It picks up my heart rate belt and the watts, speed, cadence from the trainer (does not pick up Polar heart rate belt) Then swift picks up the signal it's broadcasting. After downloading the Cable app and watching the video on Cable's website it took me less than 5 minutes and I was on Zwift. Great product

Awesome ANT+ to BLE Bridge

I've done one ride with the CABLE and, so far, it works great! As other reviewers noted, mine came with a dead battery. The initial setup/pairing was a bit of a pain. I had to try several times before the CABLE would start reading the signals from my Quarq powermeter and HR monitor. Also, it kept dropping the connection before I read an online review, where the reviewer mentioned placing the CABLE on the floor, next to the rear wheel. After that, no problems! And I was able to pair my devices to Zwift iOS on my iPhone 6S Plus with no problem.

Great ANT+ to BLE Bridge, Poor Battery Life, Works Great w/ Zwift

The CABLE works amazingly well as an ANT+ to BLE bridge, exactly as described. It can be a little finicky, and you may need to reset the ANT+ sensors (within the CABLE iOS app) on occasion but it takes mere seconds so it isn't a big deal. It pairs perfectly with Zwift, not a single issue there. My CABLE arrived with a dead battery, which was an inconvenience but not a big deal. I bought a 4 pack of Duracell batteries and managed to plow through them in the course of 3 months, using the CABLE 2-4 times a week. This occurred while making sure to follow their directions for powering down and putting the device in a place it won't get even the slightest bump. In mid-April NPE released an update for their iOS application which includes a firmware update, unfortunately the useful season for my CABLE has ended for the year. I guess I will hope for better battery life next year. The most annoying part of this process was that I used NPE's contact form to inquire about the DOA battery and high battery usage but never heard anything back until weeks later when the patch was released. Without a doubt this devices fills a gap in the market, and it does it well. Just stock up on batteries to avoid disappointment in finding a dead/dying device when you go to use it.

Updated Review

My previous review was in January 2017, a week after receiving the CABLE sensor. I've used it primarily to connect a Garmin HR strap to an iPad for use with Zwift. It still works as advertised, but the battery life is much shorter than I anticipated. I've been through 4 batteries since purchasing the unit. (Typical use is 2-3 times a week for an hour or so.) I'm careful to manually shut down the sensor with the app after each workout. Customer service has been very responsive and their engineers are working on improvements through firmware updates. The product does what it's designed to do, just beware of the short battery life. NPE Staff Response: Thank you for your review. As we've communicated, the latest CABLEConfig version, version 1.1.2, available from the AppStore as of March 15, 2017 has 4 battery management improvements specifically designed to extend battery life. Also, please remember to fully power off the sensors you have paired with CABLE when you are no longer using them. Please contact us if you experience any further issues. Thanks again! 2nd NPE Staff Response: On April 12, 2017, NPE engineering found and is in the process of fixing another key CABLE component that will significantly improve battery life. The firmware release for this improvement should be available within a few days from the AppStore.

Does what is says it does

I was able to connect my garmin speed and candence sensors through Cable to my iPhone without any issues. Finds the ant+ sensors right away and the set up on the phone was a brieze. Bought it in order to connect my iPad to Zwift. So far it seems to work well. Unit must be within 18 inches of ant sensors, at least in my case for it to work. First day i had it in my pocket for convenience but it dropped some of the info every once and a while. Switched it on my next ride to be in the saddle bag right over the rear tire and above the sensors and had no issues. Definately works as advertised.

Just Works!

No hassles - that's what I want from my workout gear. My CABLE shipped super fast, set up in seconds, and just plain worked out of the box without having to do anything extra. To me, this is exactly what I want from fitness tech products! Great job, NPE, for making a great product.

Received timely and works great

I was very happy with the device. Works exactly as expected, taking Garmin footpod only and turning to Bluetooth capable for Zwift running, etc. Easy to use. Highly recommended.