CABLE (Connect ANT to BLE) is a low power radio product used to receive data from ANT+ enabled sensors and convert the data to the appropriate BLE services via a BLE peripheral connection.  The supported ANT+ profiles are Heart Rate, Bike Speed, Bike Cadence, Bike Speed/Cadence, Bike Power.  Any or all of the ANT+ device profiles are received by the CABLE and relayed to BLE endpoint via the appropriate BLE services.  The supported Bike Power profiles include Power Only, Wheel Torque, Crank Torque, and Crank Torque Frequency.

Your CABLE purchases comes with a limited six month warranty.  NPE will repair or replace any unit found to have a manufacturing defect within the warranty period, provided that notification is given within the warranty period and the product is returned to NPE.  The warranty period is determined from initial product shipment date from NPE.  Mishandling of the CABLE unit is not a manufacturing defect.

 To begin using your CABLE, download CableConfig from the AppStore!

 To read more about CABLE, visit our website http://npe-inc.com/cableinfo

PLEASE NOTE:  CABLE is certified in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and European (CE) countries.  We can only ship product to addresses in these countries!   




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Working as expected

It's very easy to setup and connect to all ANT+ protocol devices. It's working well with my Powertap G3 hub. This is mainly for Zwift in door training.

Cable Review

I needed this product to have my ANT devices on my bike talk to my iPhone for zwift. After a bit of trial and error the cable worked great. Very happy with the cable!

Clean Setup

A little quirky to set up for me, but I stayed at it. Once done it has my iPad Zwift setup clean, easy and wireless. Very nice. Too soon to say anything on battery life, though.

It works perfect and customer service is amazing.

The product works as it says in their web, it is perfect. I have it since 4-5 months, at the beginning it didnt work with all the programs, but after a few updates they got it to work with everything, amazing. The company did a 1.6.8 update in which they semi-brick the unit and they replaced without any questions. Very nice product and excellent customer service. thanks

Not working with Sunnto foot pod mini

I bought this to connect my Sunnto foot pod mini to iphone7 but this device not recognizing the Sunnto foot pod mini. Its scans for device but not detecting the foot pod. The website not explaining about the product compatibility. NPE Response: Thank you for your review. Unfortunately, the Suunto foot pod uses proprietary ANT and CABLE works with ANT+ sensors, as stated in the product description on the website.

Stages 1 no cadence, poor battery live

Hi, With Firmware 1.6.7 the battery live is poor. New battery empty in one hour. And from my Stages1 power crank the cadence is not found. Only shown as power meter. Hope new firmware will fix problems with battery and stages power crank

eats batts

works as stated, knocked off a star because it uses up battery

it does what it says

I had to wait a few weeks until CABLE was licensed for the UK. The wait was very worthwhile and upon receipt the sensor fired up, connected and worked seamlessly. Customer service was excellent throughout. Thanks so much.